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Finding out if hardwood flooring is right for you

Almost every homeowner will admit, they would love nothing more than to have solid hardwood floors in their home. When the time finally comes that they are able to purchase them, these floors are quickly snatched up, and for many good reasons. Of course, the extra-long lifespan is a feature that simply cannot be overlooked. Many historical homes in the area have hardwood floors that are easily 100 years old, with some edging towards 200 years. This is a perfect glimpse into the future of your own floors.

At Fabulous Floors Inc., we have nearly 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, previously known as The Rug Man II. In that time we have been happy to serve the areas of Crestwood, Louisville, LaGrange, Prospect, Goshen, and PeWee Valley all from our Crestwood, KY showroom location. We offer a wide variety of high-quality floor coverings and have a professional staff in place to make your selection easy and enjoyable. We are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, so visit us today to get your own flooring experience started.

The options available in hardwood flooring

There are plenty of options to choose from in hardwood flooring. It all starts with choosing the perfect wood species for your needs. Oak and hickory are great examples of harder species that are well suited to high levels of in-house activity, while pine is a softer option that works perfectly inside closets and even in the pantry. Choosing the right species is important, and can go a long way in helping your flooring reach its maximum lifespan.

If you are a fan of color options, you’ll be pleased to note that you can have your choice of a wide variety of stain colors. While ordering pre-stained and prefinished wood can limit those options, a site-finished wood can give you plenty to choose from. In some cases, woods like American Cherry only need a clear coat. This wood features an amazing rosy color that many homeowners would never consider covering up.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Louisville, KY from Fabulous Floors Inc
Finish options are a great way to round out your hardwood flooring. Newer options in this area include hand scraped, vintage, and distressed, for a nostalgic look that works great in cabins and other older-looking homes. If classic age is your style, you’ll love vintage finishes. At the same time, these finishes do a great job of masking the effects of everyday wear and tear.

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