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Why everyone should have a design consultation

There are many reasons you would want a design consultation when shopping for flooring. First of all, flooring is a significant investment in your home-- probably the biggest investment--but it's not something we shop for often. Flooring sets the tone of the entire room, and sometimes even the whole house, which is why designers always say "design from the floor up." Designers also see flooring as your expression of personal style. A design consultation will help you think aloud to lead the way with an experienced designer's expertise. They’re usually done in your home, so the designers can work with your lighting, upholstery, and colors and often take measurements.

Even though you’re buying flooring, you need to pay attention to other products, and here’s why

It’s impossible to have the same floors throughout the entire house because every room has its challenges and priorities. So while it doesn’t need to match, it does need to coordinate. When you walk into your flooring company in Crestwood, KY, you will see that we have a whole department devoted to custom area rugs and rug binding. Very often, our customers are concerned about covering up beautiful floors. Still, an interior designer will show you how to accent and highlight them to bring out the gorgeous undertones, helping you coordinate those complementary products with the floor, whether it’s an area rug, window coverings, countertop, etc.

What else can you expect?

A designer will keep you on track on time and budget, looking over essential documents like the flooring estimate to be sure it covers everything. They often act as project managers, making sure there is complete communication between all workers. Communication is essential because a delay with one product can have a domino effect and impact other renovation parts.

What should I bring?

Bring paint chips, fabric samples, and photographs from design pages. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your lifestyle, budget, style, and needs. Know your goals. The more the designer knows, the better you can be guided to the right one for you.

Fabulous Floors Inc is a full-service company that provides everything from design consultation to carpet re-stretch. We’re a Mohawk Five-Star retailer that provides a full array of flooring products such as carpet, hardwood, laminate, sheet vinyl, and luxury vinyl tile. Our professional staff is dedicated to making your flooring selection easier and more enjoyable. To learn more about our design consultations visit our showroom in Crestwood, KY, especially if you live in Crestwood, KY, Louisville, KY, La Grange, KY, Prospect, KY, Goshen, KY or Crestwood, KY.